About Toogethr

Our story

When you drive to work in the morning, you invariably end up in a traffic jam. Like you, all those around you are in their cars by themselves. 75% of commuter traffic in the Netherlands consists of cars. All those cars on the roads cause long traffic jams, parking problems at work locations and large amounts of CO2 emissions. We feel that this needs to change.

Toogethr stands for a greener and more mobile society and believes that commuter traffic works better if we ride together. That is why we have developed a ridesharing app that connects you with your colleagues and removes all barriers of traditional carpooling as well. This way we make riding together super easy, fun and useful: less traffic jams, getting faster from A to B and more available parking spaces. But more importantly: less strain on the environment!

Our core values

Pro-active, Social and Fair are the core values that Toogethr stands for.

Pro-active because you don’t have to look for someone to ride with yourself, Toogethr will automatically do this for you!

Social because Toogethr connects colleagues. Different combinations are made which makes it a fun way to share your car with colleagues you don’t know so well yet and to expand your network.

Fair because drivers and passengers are rewarded for riding together in the form of credits. These credits can be exchanged for cool prizes in the Toogethr web shop.

Our partners

You cannot simply launch an app. This launch is preceded by any studies and a testing phase. For 18 months, we have worked intensively with our Launching Partners Accenture, Arcadis, ENGIE & PwC to warrant user friendliness and quality of our app. The central issue in those months was finding out what the user need is.

By extensively testing our app among our partners’ employees, we were able to detect and implement as many user needs as possible. This cooperation also gave us the opportunity to test our application in the most dynamic environments, such as consultancy, technical

Who are we?

We are a dynamic team which combines experience with up-to-date knowledge and creativity. Our approach is personal, professional and specific.

Personal because we feel it’s important that you know who we are and believe in this way of communicating.

Professional because we rely on an expert team with knowledge, creativity and empathy.

Specific because the situation and needs are different for each employer. We therefore like to think along about how to make Toogethr a success in your company!

Toogethr is a ridesharing app which is already used by many organisations. Read how we can help you make a difference.